Salon Series

Poisoned Pen Parlor: Mysteries and Genre Mashups with Nicole Glover & NaNoWriMo

Open to all mentees, all mentors and the public

Girls Write Now and NaNoWriMo cordially invite you to an evening filled mystery, murder, and a touch of magic. In this Friday Night Salon, we will be talking about writing mysteries, crafting mysteries alongside other genres like fantasy and historical fiction, and how to execute the perfect (fictional) murder.

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Writing 360 Workshops

Workshop | Rhyming With Reason with JRose

Open to all mentees, all mentors and program alum

In this workshop, we will focus on the skill of rhyming in spoken word poetry. Participants will be presented with various writing prompts that challenge their rhyming skills. A number of literary devices will also be discussed, such as, alliteration and wordplay.

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