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Activists or Storytellers – Mic Check!

Editorial Forums

Thursday, April 6
6-7 PM ET

virtual event; open to all mentees, mentors & alumni

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: The Story Changes Minds.

We need stories to heal, to express our truths, and to enact change—but how does the need for activism in our stories impact our creativity? Gen Z writers have been told that their words are going to save the rest of us, and many of them are rising to that challenge, but they’re also feeling the pressure. Let’s talk about it!

Join us for a discussion about what it’s like being the next generation. How does it feel to have the mic? What pressures are on young writers and creatives? And how can we at Girls Write Now provide support and care for the emerging leaders among us?

Lead by Our Editors-in-Residence

Kathryn Destin

Kathryn Destin

Kathryn is a nonprofit researcher and writer and also was the 2022-23 Editor-In-Residence for Girls Write Now. An only child from Harlem, NYC, Kathryn looks for community in many spaces centered on her interests such as cooking, comedy, Blackness, queerness and investigative journalism. She is a Girls Write Now mentee and is fascinated by film, media and writing as avenues for social advocacy and activism. As a young creative, she is excited to utilize various mediums to speak against injustice and share stories from marginalized voices.

Morayo Faleyimu

Morayo Faleyimu

Morayo Faleyimu is currently serving as an Editor-in-Residence at Girls Write Now. She is a writer of short and long-form fiction. A nonfiction writer by trade, Morayo uses fiction to explore emotional truths. The seeds of story, she believes, are planted in everyday life. A writer’s duty is to pay attention and to garden with care. A former educator, Morayo currently works as a professional development writer for a school network in New Jersey.

This event is open to:

all mentees, all mentors, diversity committee members and website editorial committee members

April 6, 2023 6:00 pm 7:00 pm EDT

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