Writing 360 Workshops

Making It Personal: Finding Your Voice In Documentary Screenwriting

Online | Open to all mentees, all mentors, woman-identifying and trans* and gender-expansive members of the public

Have you ever wondered what a script looks like for a documentary? In this workshop Writer and Director Lagueria Davis will teach about different types of documentaries and share the process of screenwriting for participatory documentaries. You'll hear about the sweet victories and the frustrating challenges, the truth and the myths, as well as the ins and outs of framing a documentary film. Join us to learn how to honor your unique voice and experience, while gaining the skills and insight to write personal voice over. It's all about your unique point of view and the choices you make in telling your story.

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Writing 360 Workshops

Sharing Our Collective Story: Video for Performance & Digital Storytelling

Online | Open to all mentees, all mentors, woman-identifying and trans* and gender-expansive members of the public

Want to learn how video can be used for storytelling and self-expression? Join us for this cutting-edge workshop in which multimedia artist Lani Asunción will share aspects of their interdisciplinary performative practice. Participants will explore conceptualizing performance for video through capturing movement, sound, and artistic rituals. Lani will discuss fundamental elements of video production and teach us video editing on a non-linear timeline using the video editing app Filmora. Participants will create their own video and collectively we will share our narratives in the form of performative storytelling.

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Mentor Professional Development

LGBTQIA2S+ Communities and Identities: A Conversation about Inclusion and Equity

Online | Open to all mentors

In this session, we will discuss suggested practices to increase inclusion and equity specifically regarding LGBTQIA2S+ individuals via understanding relative language, concepts, common barriers, and sharing resources. We will explore LGBTQIA2S+ language and concepts such as biological/sex assigned at birth, gender identity, expression, and pronouns. We will look at introductory understandings of bias and learn about unique considerations for working with marginalized populations such as gender, sexual, racial, and ethnic minorities. Participants will have the opportunity to practice utilizing neutral pronouns, correcting missteps, addressing inaccuracies, and more.

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Salon Series

Celebrating our Past, Present and Future Through Storytelling with Janis Kearney

Online | Open to all mentees, all mentors, program alum and the public

Join us for an evening of discovery as we celebrate Janis Kearney's new book Only on Sundays: Mahalia Jackson's Long Journey. We'll hear about the care and curiosity needed to write historical nonfiction from a creative lens and practice finding the spectacular figures in our own lives with writing prompts.

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Writing Works Workshops

Confidence to Dream: Defining Your Personal Narrative for Success

Online | Open to all mentees, all mentors and program alum

In this workshop, participants will be guided through a series of creative writing exercises designed to help them assess how they show up in the world as different versions of themselves—aka, their various characters—and focus on developing themselves as one who has the confidence to dream big!

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College & Career Chats

College & Career Chat

Online | Open to all mentees and program alum

In Career Chats, mentees gain exposure to various industries by networking with employees—Girls Write Now “mentors for the day”—across publishing, media, beauty, finance, and more. Professionals share their journeys, advice for breaking into their industry, and how they are charting a course for a successful career. Learn about positions you never knew existed, and get support applying to a curated selection of open jobs and internships within companies like NBC, Scholastic, Royal Bank of Canada, Estee Lauder, Dotdash Meredith, EHE Health, BBDO Advertising and more.

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Writing 360 Workshops

Tell it Through Jokes: The Joys and Benefits of Stand-Up Comedy

Online | Open to all mentees, all mentors, program alum, woman-identifying and trans* and gender-expansive members of the public

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of stand-up comedy writing, giving special attention to the ways stand-up can be a tool for activism and awareness around pertinent social issues. Participants will gain an understanding of thoughtful comedy writing, what not to do in stand-up, and how to intentionally engage audience members and will have the opportunity to write jokes either for themselves or for Teaching Artist and stand up comedian Annabel Young. Don't miss this opportunity to learn that stand-up is a medium for everyone—a medium with multiple benefits and applications that has the power to change the world...one joke at a time.

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