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Data Storytelling: Research for Social Change with Angelica Puzio

Data Storytelling: Research for Social Change

Meet the Teaching Artist

Angelica Puzio

Angelica Puzio

Dr. Angelica Puzio is a developmental psychologist at Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Her research and writing investigate how ideologies transform behavior and relationships, especially in relation to gender.

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May 15, 2021 2:00 pm 4:00 pm EDT

At this workshop, Angelica broke down the myth that research and data are inaccessible and boring, and instead experience the thrill of telling a story by embracing data as a powerful tool for social justice. In this workshop, participants learned what researchers actually do including how to create a research question, how to form hypotheses, how to test hypotheses in a systematic way, and how to visually communicate your findings to inform others. Participants used a “choose your own adventure” model to design their own study and then translated their findings into dynamic infographics using Canva. This workshop was digital and included a data visualization lesson led by Girls Write Now Fellow Tatiana Mena Ramos. 

Gained a better understanding of how to use data to strengthen your claims when writing
Learned how to create an infographic 
Worked collaboratively in a group
Learned about the professional journey of a researcher
Learned about presenting data in a compelling way via infographics 
Developed a new excitement towards data as a tool for storytelling. 

“I learned how powerful research can be”
“I learned that collecting data isn’t as scary as I thought”
“A good reminder that visualizing the data makes it feel more concrete and powerful’’

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