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Salon Series

Flying Solo: Daring Feats with Gigi Coleman

Girls Write Now + Barbie The Dream Gap Project

Friday, Feb.3
6-7:15 PM ET

virtual event; open to the public and all mentees & mentors

You’ve heard of the Wright Brothers. You’ve heard of Amelia Earhart. But what do you know about the first female African-American pilot, Bessie Coleman?

Gigi Coleman grew up hearing stories about her Great-Aunt Bessie. Inspired by her legacy, Gigi created an organization called The Bessie Coleman Aviation All-Stars and one-woman show to share Bessie’s too often ignored history with the world. Now, Bessie’s legacy will live on through a partnership with the Barbie Inspiring Women Series

The Bessie Coleman doll is a celebration of resilience as Gigi Coleman honors her great-aunt and shares her story. Get inspired to memorialize the impactful people in your own life with writing prompts and challenge yourself to think outside your limits. Come ready to write in community and uplift the people who inspire you.

You won’t want to miss this groundbreaking Salon!

Meet the Salon Host

Gigi Coleman

Gigi Coleman

Gigi Coleman is the great niece of Bessie Coleman. Ms. Coleman’s mother, the late Marion Coleman, petitioned a postal stamp in her aunt’s honor. Ms. Coleman’s grandmother the late Georgia Coleman was Bessie Coleman’s youngest sister. Gigi is passionate in her endeavors to inform the world about Bessie achievements in the field of aviation. She portrays the story of Bessie to challenge the minds of the young and old and encourage individuals to achieve their dreams. Ms. Coleman wants to inspire youth to be interested in STEM Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Ms. Coleman designed an aviation program 501(c)3 Bessie Coleman Aviation All-Stars. Ms. Coleman retired after 25 years of service from the City of Chicago Water Management as an Assistant to the Commissioner. She worked as a Commodity Manager for Chicago Public School and as a substitute teacher for the Lighthouse for the Blind Preschool, Chicago Public School and the South Cook County.

This event is open to:

all mentees, all mentors, program alum and the public

February 3, 2023 6:00 pm 7:15 pm EST

Mattel's Barbie Close The Dream Gap Project

Mattel's Barbie Close The Dream Gap Project

Mattel, Inc. partners with Girls Write Now on a global initiative to provide girls and gender expansive youth with the skill-building, resources and community support they need to dream big and achieve anything. Learn more about partnerships.  

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