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Immersive Media: Writing From Images with Brooke David

Meet the Teaching Artist

Brooke David

Brooke David

Brooke David is a trained classical realist painter who works in the space between classical art, new media and technology. She has developed and conceptualized strategic partnerships with brands to create multi-tiered projects that support various endeavors, including partnerships, special events and media/digital campaigns. She is currently partnering with a London Theatre Company, where she’s developing an immersive media piece with a focus on 3D spatial audio based on the story of Camille Claudel, a 19th-century woman artist. The piece touches upon themes of genius and madness, forgotten women artists and mental health awareness. Formerly, Brooke was the Creative Director at Atria, part of Simon and Schuster. She has worked in direction and design, creating immersive experiences and partnering with The New York Times, The Museum of Sex, Christie’s, Sephora, Oprah Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Pop Sugar and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

This event is open to:

March 6, 2021 10:00 am 12:00 pm EST

In this workshop, we dove into a new language of art as we learned to write narratives based on visual experiences like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)! Immersive Media is a broad, innovative field in its infancy. In these initial stages of “new art”, the opportunity and sense of collaboration are plentiful because rules and hierarchy have yet to be established! These experiences will need great stories and great storytellers. This workshop was themed: reality.

Mentees learned:
How to think, create and write successfully for Immersive Media 
A variety of examples related to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
How to write for an immersive space
I liked that I was able to think outside the box and challenge myself to write something new.”
“I loved everything in this workshop, and plan on continuing to work on what I wrote today!”
“This was super cool! VR is an emergent technology and it’s so cool to learn more about new mediums and ways to make art.”
“My favorite part of the workshop was watching all those videos and learning about all the different types of virtual reality. The music was also spot on.”

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